Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Friday on CNN:

-- Sam Patten, who helped steer foreign money to President Donald Trump's inauguration, was sentenced to three years of probation after cooperating with Robert Mueller's investigation.
-- Feuding over faith: Vice President Mike Pence says Democractic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is bringing "attacks on my Christian faith."
-- A surveillance video shows Chicago police officers dragging a 16-year-old girl down the stairs of her high school and punching her repeatedly.
    -- A federal judge has threatened to block Carnival cruise ships from US ports as punishment for the company's possible probation violations.
    -- Upskirting is now a crime in England and Wales, with offenders facing up to two years in jail.
    -- In an attempt to undermine Katherine Bouman's role in capturing the first ever Black Hole photo, internet trolls praised a white man as the real hero — until he fought back.
    -- British comedian Ian Cognito died on stage during his stand-up performance.
    -- Delta is reducing how far passengers can recline their seats on some of their planes.
      -- Think this allergy season is the worst yet? You're not wrong. Experts believe allergy season is being made worse by climate change.
      -- Coins, jewelry, batteries, screws: These are just a few of the common household objects children are swallowing, causing the number of ER visits to nearly double in 20 years, a study says.