It was almost 80 degrees in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Tuesday, and less than 24 hours later snow was on the ground.

Source: Lynn Johnson

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Spring can always be volatile, but it usually doesn’t mean going from shorts to parkas. This week, Colorado residents got to experience both summer warmth and a winter freeze.

On Tuesday, most of Colorado had temperatures close to the 80s and people were thinking spring had finally sprung.

However, as predicted, snow started accumulating not 24 hours later.

Over a thousand flights were canceled due to the storm. Parts of Colorado have experienced winds up to 100 mph. Nearly 40 million people across the region are at risk from high winds.

Colorado is not the only state impacted by the storm. Blizzard conditions are reported all the way to the Dakotas and into Minnesota. Travel is difficult over the region, with near zero visibility and numerous road closures.

On Thursday the heaviest snow fell in western Nebraska, much of South Dakota and across Minnesota. The storm will start tracking into Canada overnight and into Friday, the National Weather Service said.

“Really hope this is the last snow storm we’ll have to post about this spring,” the National Weather Service tweeted. “But … it’s worth repeating. Stay safe out there!”

Once spring finally returns to the area for real, snow melt could severely affect already flooded rivers.

CNN’s Faith Karimi and Theresa Waldrop contributed to this report.