How would we cover Trump if he ran a different country?_00012113.jpg
How would we cover Trump if he ran a different country?_00012113.jpg
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How would we cover Trump if he ran a different country?
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Reporter contrasts Trump and Biden's press operations
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Conspiracy theory thinking is rooted in distrust
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Why did Fox Business cancel Lou Dobbs' show?
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Nicholas Kristof: 'Extremism is a losing strategy'
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Here’s a look at the busy week ahead in media and tech:

Writers versus agents: New deadline is Friday

The biggest story in Hollywood: “At the last minute, the Writers Guild of America has extended the deadline for imposing a ‘Code of Conduct’ on the talent agencies by about a week, to end of day Friday, April 12,” THR’s Jonathan Handel wrote. “The code was set to go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Sunday.”

So the weekend ended without a mass firing of agents. Who blinked and why? “Sources said that the agents initiated a meeting with WGA” on Saturday afternoon, Deadline’s team reported.

The meeting seems “to have broken through some of the ice between the sides,” Variety’s Cynthia Littleton tweeted. “WGA West chief David Young told me it was a ‘good conversation.’ But make no mistake, the divide is still huge.” Check out Littleton’s detailed story here. The guild is calling Friday night a “real deadline.” So the countdown clock is set…

Coming up this week…

Monday: NCAA Championships on CBS. The game is “one of the last best opportunities to reach a lot of male viewers until the NBA Finals in June,” Brian Lowry notes…

Monday night: Rep. Eric Swalwell may share some 2020 news on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert…”

Tuesday: This year’s Peabody nominees are announced…

Wednesday: The 10th annual Women in the World summit begins in NYC…

Thursday: Disney’s big investor day in L.A…

Thursday: THR comes out with its “Most Powerful People in Media” New York list…

Friday: Coachella gets underway…

Friday: “Little” opens in theaters. Lisa Respers France’s interviews with the cast, director and producer will be out later this week…

Sunday: The final season of “Game of Thrones” begins…

Hoda and Jenna

Monday is Jenna Bush Hager’s official first day as a co-host of the fourth hour of “Today.” In practice, though, she’s been a fixture on the show for years, so “it will be a seamless transition,” a source on the show says. Don’t expect many changes on Monday: “The show will evolve over the coming months.”

Three big new books on Tuesday

>> On Tuesday Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer are coming out with “The Hill to Die On…”

>> Robert Caro’s “Working” hits bookshelves… Scroll down to hear more from Caro…

>> And Erin Lee Carr comes out with her memoir “All That You Leave Behind.” The memoir is magnificent. The chapters bring her father David Carr back to life. I’ll be hosting the book launch event on Tuesday evening, details here…

Five CNN town halls this week

And you thought three town halls in one evening was impressive last month? Here’s the schedule this week:

Tuesday 10pm: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (moderated by Erin Burnett)

Wednesday 10pm: Gov. Jay Inslee (moderated by Wolf Blitzer)

Thursday 10pm: Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro (moderated by Don Lemon)

Sunday 7pm: Author Marianne Williamson (moderated by Dana Bash)

Sunday 8pm: Businessman Andrew Yang (moderated by Ana Cabrera)

The big unknown

Will the Mueller report be released to the public this week? “The first public confrontation is imminent,” with A.G. Bill Barr “scheduled to appear Tuesday and Wednesday before the House and Senate Appropriations committees for hearings ostensibly about the DOJ’s budget,” WaPo’s Devlin Barrett wrote Sunday…

UK to tech execs: Clean up your platforms or face ‘substantial’ fines

Hadas Gold emails from London: Tech execs could be hit with substantial fines and criminal penalties under new rules proposed by the UK government that aim to make the internet safe for children and other vulnerable groups. The penalties will be set out Monday in a government position paper that says the United Kingdom will make internet companies legally responsible for unlawful content and material that is damaging to individuals or the country.

The government said that an independent regulator would be created to enforce the new rules, which focus on removing content that incites violence, encourages suicide or constitutes cyber-bullying. Content related to terrorism and child abuse would face even stricter standards.

The government will continue to develop this plan over the next twelve weeks before proposing it as legislation… Read the rest here.

Two key tech hearings this week

Donie O’Sullivan emails: Sparks will fly when reps from Facebook and YouTube appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday on a panel about the rise of white nationalism through social media with reps from groups like ADL and… Candace Owens. As Oliver Darcy pointed out, Owens recently had to clarify comments she made about Hitler.

And on Wednesday reps from some of the social media companies will be back on the Hill for a Senate hearing titled “Stifling Free Speech: Technological Censorship and the Public Discourse.” Expect a lot of talk about perceived algorithmic anti-conservative bias.


– Baylor won the NCAA women’s tournament title game Sunday… (Bleacher)

– Lloyd Grove’s latest: “Inside Megyn Kelly’s 2020 campaign – for a new job in right-wing media…” (Beast)

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– NBC’s Craig Melvin tweeted this on Sunday night, linking to a WGN story: “What should be breaking news but isn’t. We should care! 30 shot over 3-hour span in Chicago, including 11-year-old and at least 11 teens” (Twitter)