Washington CNN —  

Larry Kudlow, the top White House economic adviser, told reporters on Wednesday both he and President Donald Trump are still fully behind the nomination of Stephen Moore for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

“He still supports Steve’s (nomination),” Kudlow said at a breakfast roundtable with reporters hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “People are being awfully hard on him. We are fully behind him.”

Kudlow described Washington as “toxic.”

“He will be a bit of fresh air.”

Kudlow also said Trump administration would take any necessary steps it sees fit to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

“We have sanctions. Sanctions are working. It may take additional sanctions. We will do it as necessary,” Kudlow told reporters.

He called the situation in the Latin American country “a humanitarian crisis,” “a foreign interference crisis” by countries like Russia and China.

“We want him out,” Kudlow said, referring to Maduro.

Kudlow also said the Trump administration has a rebuilding plan for the nation, which they are calling “Day 2.”

“We have a lot of plans to revitalize the Venezuelan economy and move very rapidly,” he said. “There’s a financial plan. There’s food planning. Getting cash to the people on the streets. Working with banks in the region to help us.”

He also said there was some discussions about external plans to gain assistance via the International Monetary Fund, but declined to provide any specific details.

“We are moving as fast as we can,” he said.