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Live from the southern border: will Trump shut it down?
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It’s not your imagination. Robocalls really are ramping up again after a pandemic lull.

1. Coronavirus

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CNN's Chris Cuomo gets firsthand view of border crisis

2. Stimulus

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How executions go wrong

3. Immigration

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UK parliament fails to reach consensus on Brexit again

4. Brunei

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George Clooney and UN protest Brunei's anti-gay law

5. Ethiopia

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Algerian police use water cannons on protesters

Federal prosecutors have filed charges against a woman carrying Chinese passports accused of illegally entering President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. Yujing Zhang claimed a friend had asked her to fly from Shanghai to the club to try to speak to a member of Trump’s family about economic relations between the US and China. After she was detained, US Secret Service agents searched multiple electronic devices including four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external “hard drive type” device and a thumb drive containing malicious malware. Since the President spends a lot of time at Mar-a-Lago, security protocol is tight, and any breach is a serious matter. The US Secret Service says Mar-a-Lago club management is responsible for deciding who is allowed in, but added that the security practices are “no different than that long-used at any other site temporarily visited by the President or other Secret Service protectees.”


Burger King is testing out a meatless Whopper 

Because people who don’t eat meat shouldn’t be denied the chance to eat the same aggressively-named fast food as the rest of us.

Burger King challenges customers to try the  Impossible Burger, "and don't taste the difference."
PHOTO: Jason Henry/The New York Times/Redux
Burger King challenges customers to try the Impossible Burger, "and don't taste the difference."

NASA has named its top three designs for homes on Mars 

Step 1: Actually go to Mars.

FOR SALE: Cozy 3-bedroom on the red planet. Close to the sun.
FOR SALE: Cozy 3-bedroom on the red planet. Close to the sun.

Facebook may launch a curated section for ‘high quality news’

Facebook is eventually just going to eat us all, isn’t it?

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Amazon and Whole Foods are slashing prices yet again

Good, you can keep sustaining your organic free-trade exotic nut butter habit without going broke.

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Tourists in Iceland flee a wave caused by breaking glaciers

Nature, you scary.

Tourists scramble after a glacier breaks in Iceland.
Tourists scramble after a glacier breaks in Iceland.

World’s deepest pool built in Poland


Los Angeles police are asking for the public’s help in locating the 29-year-old suspect. Meanwhile, the city is on edge after violence broke out last night during a vigil for the slain rapper. 

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Cop: 'Mass panic and chaos' at Nipsey Hussle's memorial

The college admissions scandal goes to court



The amount Americans borrowed to pay for health care last year, according to a new study. Also, 65 million adults say they had a health issue but didn’t seek treatment due to cost. Nearly a quarter had to cut back on spending to pay for health care or medicine.


The number of town halls CNN will host with Democratic presidential candidates next week alone. Kirsten Gillibrand, Jay Inslee, Julián Castro, Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang will all get time to answer questions, tout their platforms, and distinguish themselves from the other 2,835 Democratic candidates currently in the race. 


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Nor'easter strengthens off the East Coast

It’s going to get cold 


Excuse me, coming through

“Hey boss. Yeah, why am I late? Well you see, there was this line of giant, extremely orderly turkeys in the road…”

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