01 Buttigieg officiates wedding
Washington CNN  — 

Pete Buttigieg got a reminder of the value in pausing, even in the midst of a busy presidential campaign.

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, ended up officiating a couple’s wedding Monday morning – and hours later, the couple’s child was born.

The Democratic presidential hopeful posted on Facebook that the couple was on their way to the hospital for their 9 a.m. C-section appointment, and wanted to be married before their baby was delivered.

The couple, who Buttigieg referred to as Mary and Gabe without using their surnames, came to Buttigieg’s office shortly before their appointment. Buttigieg said they had all the necessary paperwork and asked him if he would “do the honors,” he wrote.

“I corralled a few staff members as they were trickling into the office, to serve as witnesses, and filled out the paperwork,” Buttigieg wrote. “Their rings weren’t ready, so one of my colleagues found a ribbon that would do the trick.”

He wrote the couple “newly married, left my office with just enough time to get to the hospital. And a few moments ago, they sent Mark in my office this photo of Gabe with young Jade Katherine Jones, South Bend’s newest resident.”

“It’s moments like this that I’ll miss when my term as mayor comes to an end,” Buttigieg wrote, and congratulated the newlyweds and new parents.

Buttigieg, who is 37, has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and if elected would be the youngest president in US history, the first candidate to go straight from a mayor’s office to the White House and the first married gay president.

Also on Monday, Buttigieg had announced he raised more than $7 million during the first quarter of this year.

He has previously talked about how his presidential hopes are informed by his experiences as mayor.

“Being a mayor of a city of any size, especially in the strong mayor system we have in my community where there’s no one else to call when there’s an emergency or major policy issue, is arguably the best kind of preparation you can have,” Buttigieg said at a CNN town hall in March.

He noted it is more “traditional” to run for president after serving in Congress or having a “background in Washington,” but “I would also argue that we would be well served if Washington started to look more like our best-run cities and towns, rather than the other way around.”