Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)Visiting a country that most of the world doesn't recognize, checking out a leading French museum that casts a new light on people of color and assessing the psychological impact of gun violence. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here's what you might have missed during a busy news week.

A leading French museum has launched an exhibition renaming classical masterpieces after their black subjects. It aims to transform these subjects in art from stereotypes to individuals.
    Unaccompanied migrant minors live in fear of being arrested and taken into custody by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement once they come of age.
    The communities of Parkland, Florida, and Newtown, Connecticut, are mourning the suicides of two students and a parent. The recent deaths highlight the long-term psychological impact of mass shootings.
    Many women have breast implants with no serious complications, but there have been cases where some suffer health problems. The US Food and Drug Administration is taking a closer look.
    Lyft's journey has taken it from an upstart sharing service for college students to one of the largest ride-sharing companies in the world.
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    The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey and its 360,000 residents as a legitimate country. Yet in the eyes of the rest of the world it is a country that does not exist.
      The comedian's new show -- "A Little Late With Lilly Singh" -- comes to NBC in September. Singh said, "An Indian-Canadian woman with her own late-night show? Now that is a dream come true."