Inside the hypersecure room where Powerball millionaires are made

Updated 1:45 PM ET, Thu March 28, 2019

Tallahassee, Florida (CNN)In a small studio in the bowels of the Florida Lottery headquarters building in Tallahassee, two little tornadoes of balls bounce merrily around inside two blinking bright blue machines. In an instant, some of the balls will pop up from the melee and roll down to a neat metal rack, and by the power of gravity and the even hand of chance, a new Powerball millionaire will be made.

It looks simple, but every move leading up to this moment has been painstakingly, precisely planned. Every ball has been weighed with gloved hands, every machine tested and selected at random from among several identical machines stored in a coded, sealed vault. You can't take pictures during the Powerball drawings, but there are security cameras everywhere. Across the country at the Multi-State Lottery Headquarters in Clive, Iowa, someone is sitting at a monitor watching every move in this room.
What, you thought this was a game? There's millions at stake every week. That's not game money. That's lottery money.