After a gardener's truck was stolen, along with his rent money, cell phone, and equipment, officers stepped in and paid to replace it all

Officers show off the replacement equipment they bought.

(CNN)On Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., Adrian Salgado was starting off his day as a gardener in Santa Ana, California, just outside Los Angeles. It was a day like any other.

But then thieves stole his Toyota pickup truck, cell phone and landscaping equipment, along with $1,000 of rent money he'd been saving up for months.
He chased after the two men on foot, but they drove off in the truck.
Anthony Bertagna, a spokesman for the Santa Ana Police Department, said Salgado let his daughter, Elizabeth, know what had happened. She called 911.

    The chase

    The officers tracked down the truck with Elizabeth's help, using her Find My iPhone app, according to Bertagna.
    The police cornered the two suspects in Westminster, the next town over. When they arrested the two men, they each had $500 in cash in their pockets, but said it was their own money. So by law, the officers could only enter the cash as evidence, and couldn't return the money to Salgado.
    The equipment -- which included a lawnmower, edger, hand tools, leaf blower -- was gone, along with other items in the truck. In addition to the missing cash, police estimated the value of the missing items at $3,000.
    "He may never get that money back unless they change their story," Bertagna said.

    The landscaper looked like officers' fathers

    Salgado's plight tugged at the officers.
    His job as a landscaper is his only means of supporting himself and his family. And, especially after losing the $1,000, he had no means of replacing his tools.
    "We all came fro