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Trump hands Netanyahu a victory before election
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    • The NFL holds its annual league meeting. The four-day confab starts in Phoenix. Owners are expected to debate key changes to replay and punting rules. 

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    NFL: Drew Brees becomes all-time passing leader

    • A method to the Madness. College basketball’s top teams are plodding the road to glory, with men’s and women’s games all week, en route to the April championships.

    03:19 - Source: CNN
    'Socially conscious' NCAA brackets

    2. North Korea

    • Netanyahu visits the White House. Two weeks before key Israeli elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives for a two-day visit with President Trump, who enjoys sky-high approval ratings in Israel. Netanyahu will also attend the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, in Washington.

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    Netanyahu channeling Trump amid corruption charges
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    See the winners of the iPhone photo challenge


    • The Austrian Chancellor visits the White House. Trump and Sebastian Kurz will look at “revitalizing the bilateral relationship” when they meet. Kurz, Europe’s youngest state leader, has made limiting migration a top priority. He also seems keen to strengthen Austria’s ties with Russia, where President Vladimir Putin on this day makes his annual address to lawmakers.

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    Father of man charged with kidnapping: Pray for Jayme Closs

    • Russia is the talk of the Hill. The man at the center of the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow, Felix Sater, gets grilled publicly by the House Intelligence Committee. A day later, the panel dives into “Putin’s Playbook,” with testimony from a former ambassador and an ex-CIA chief.

    02:23 - Source: CNN
    Man at center of Trump's proposed Moscow tower to testify publicly

    4. Border Patrol

    • American reps talk trade in Beijing. A US delegation is expected in China for two days of negotiations in the ongoing tariff war. The sides aim to ink a deal next month in the United States.

    00:39 - Source: CNN
    Trump: US-China trade talks going 'very well'

    • Robert Kraft’s case is on the docket. The New England Patriots’ owner is due to be arraigned in Florida on sex solicitation charges.

    03:15 - Source: CNN
    Patriots owner fights release of surveillance video
    01:29 - Source: CNN
    Mexico's most dangerous drug cartels

    • Play ball! America’s pastime kicks off the 2019 season, with the earliest opening day ever.

    01:01 - Source: CNN
    MLB and Cuba reach historic player deal (2018)


    • A giant leap for womankind. For the first time, an all-female crew will conduct a spacewalk at the International Space Station. 

    • ‘We said we’d all go down together.’ We salute the sacrifice of so many American warriors, long denied a proper welcome home, as we mark National Vietnam Veterans Day. (Click to listen.)


    • Immigration draws Pope Francis’ focus. As he visits the gateway from North Africa to Europe, Francis is due to meet in Morocco with migrants and officials of a key aid agency. In criticizing US and European policies, the Pope has said, “You cannot reject people who arrive.”

    02:31 - Source: CNN
    The journey of a ship carrying 600 migrants

    • White House Correspondents’ Association gets dolled up. Breaking from its tradition of having a comedian roast the President and the press corps, the fundraiser will feature US presidential biographer Ron Chernow. Meantime, Trump is skipping the event for the third straight year. Coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET on CNN.

    01:19 - Source: CNN
    Chadwick Boseman gives 'Wakanda' salute at Howard graduation (2018)