03:39 - Source: CNN
Corsi: I 'connected the dots' on WikiLeaks
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Jerome Corsi tells CNN that he and his family are relieved the Mueller investigation is over and that he feels “vindicated.”

“We feel vindicated,” said Corsi, an author, conspiracy theorist and associate of Roger Stone. “I did nothing wrong.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team offered Corsi a proposed plea agreement, which would have required him to admit to one criminal charge with two components: lying to investigators and obstruction of justice before congressional or grand jury proceedings.

Corsi refused to sign the plea deal. He then released drafts of his plea agreement and indictment, went on a media tour slamming Mueller’s team and published a book detailing his experiences with the special counsel.

In the end, Mueller concluded his investigation without ever bringing charges against Corsi.

On Friday, Corsi accused Mueller’s team of trying to push him to plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit.

“I went in there to cooperate with them. They treated me as a criminal,” Corsi said.

“I consider this entire investigation to be fraudulent,” he said. “I’m glad it’s over.”

He said that if he is needed as a witness in Stone’s trial, he would be willing to tell the truth but would do so only if subpoenaed.

“I’m not volunteering,” Corsi said.