Beauty enthusiasts are gushing over this customizable hair care line

Anna Hecht, CNN Underscored
Updated Thu March 21, 2019

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Breakthrough beauty brand Function of Beauty, wants you to have the hair you've always dreamed of. Through the use of an online hair quiz, this company has found a way to zero in on exactly what users need and want when it comes to hair care. After you answer just a few quick questions about your hair type and goals, a customized set of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment is shipped directly to your door. (Talk about an at-home salon experience!)

While it may seem a bit extreme to order personalized hair care potions online, beauty enthusiasts everywhere are loving this customizable experience (and the results that come with it). One satisfied customer wrote, "I'm on week 3 of my shampoo and conditioner. And I could not be more in love! My hair looks amazing. And when my mom asked the other day what I did differently with my hair (as it looked really soft and shiny) I raved about my products."

Whether your hair is curly, straight, coily, wavy, dry, thick or otherwise, Function of Beauty has hair solutions specifically made for you. To see what the hype was all about, we decided to editor-test the service ourselves — and were seriously impressed. Here's our inside scoop on how the process went down and which products we loved the most:

When you enter the site, you'll be prompted to start the hair quiz right away. There, you'll build your hair profile by selecting your hair structure, type and scalp moisture. Then, Function of Beauty asks you to choose from a whole list of hair goals. For me, it was to deep condition, replenish hair, fix split ends, volumize and lengthen. So, as you can see, my hair could use a bit of help and a big drink of water.

In addition to the goals I chose, users also have the option to select things like color protection, anti-aging, curl definition, anti-frizz, and oil control, and can even reduce brassiness. The "reduce brassiness" goal signals a user's need to use purple products. Purple products are applied to the hair in order to combat the harsh, brassy yellow and orange tones that can appear as blond and bleached hair color fades. These purple products make up one of the newest lines available at Function of Beauty — and is one that blondes everywhere with color-treated hair can get excited about.

The final step in completing your hair profile is to enter your first name or nickname, which will then be printed directly on each bottle ordered. As silly as it may sound for a grown woman to say, I actually found that detail pretty fun when "Anna" was written on my products, signifying that these potions were formulated just for me.

And as for results, my favorite product so far is the leave-in treatment, which is a no-rinse product. That means all you have to do is comb it through your hair for instant softness and styling effects. As for the shampoo and conditioner, they both work great, smell fresh and haven't shown any sign of leaving residue.

Go on and get an upgrade to your hair game. If nothing else, the chic packaging on these bottles looks a whole lot prettier than your average, everyday drugstore-bought hair products — which is an added bonus when they're seen standing in your shower.