This nonprofit helps homeless people record video messages and reunites them with long-lost loved ones

Miracle Messages helped Jasmine Cornett find her long-lost uncle Wayne.

(CNN)For years, Jasmine Cornett wandered the streets of San Francisco looking for her uncle Wayne, whom she hadn't seen since she was 12 years old. She often snapped photos of the homeless people she saw and sent them to her father and her aunt Lisa, asking if maybe this time she'd caught a glimpse of Wayne.

Each time they texted back and said it wasn't him.
Then one day in August, while sitting in her office, the recruiter got an e-mail with a short video from a nonprofit called Miracle Messages saying they had found her uncle. She immediately forwarded the video to her father and aunt.
The unkempt man with a scraggly, gray beard had the right eyes. It's Wayne, her father said.

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