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Former national security adviser Michael Flynn is still cooperating with Justice Department prosecutors on a pending criminal case against his former lobbying partner who worked for the Turkish government, the special counsel’s office and Flynn’s defense team said Tuesday night.

Flynn is asking not to move to sentencing yet, but the government says his cooperation is complete beyond testifying at an upcoming trial.

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“There may be additional cooperation for the defendant to provide pursuant to the plea agreement” with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, Flynn’s attorneys and special counsel prosecutors wrote on Tuesday. However, “in the government’s view his cooperation is otherwise complete,” they wrote.

Flynn could testify at trial against his former partner Bijan Kian, who has pleaded not guilty to foreign lobbying charges, the attorneys said.

A federal judge in DC asked for the update after Flynn requested to delay his sentencing in December.

Flynn went before the judge, Emmet Sullivan of DC District Court, in December, with Mueller’s team asking for as little as no prison time for his lying charge, but the judge grew angry about Flynn’s crimes during the hearing and encouraged him to continue cooperating.

No new sentencing date has been set. Flynn could face up to five years, though a more likely sentence is zero to six months in prison.