Washington CNN  — 

An out-of-control vehicle crashed Friday into a freeway divider just a few yards from the presidential motorcade in Opelika, Alabama.

The video was captured by a bystander standing along Interstate 85 waiting for the motorcade.

Just as the motorcade including the SUV carrying President Donald Trump comes into view on the other side of the freeway, squealing tires are heard. The video shows the vehicle slamming into protective wires in the grass just as the motorcade passes, keeping it from crossing the median.

“Oh my God – right at the President? Are you kidding me? Did y’all see that? Holy smokes!” a witness on the videotape yells.

Another voice notes the wires stopped it.

The presidential motorcade did not stop or slow down. The vehicle came to a stop a short distance away.

The Alabama Highway Patrol said the Opelika Police Department is investigating the wreck. The department has not commented.

A Secret Service official on Sunday provided updated information that the agency was immediately aware of the incident and responded. The driver was spoken to, and the investigation has been closed, the official said. On Friday evening, the Secret Service initially said it was not immediately aware of the incident.