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Former Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur, whose hiring by CNN stirred controversy last month, is no longer taking a job as a political editor in the Washington bureau.

Instead Isgur will be a political analyst at the network, sharing her insights through television segments like many other commentators do.

She tweeted on Friday: “It’s been a great vacation but I am back on twitter! And news: I will go to CNN as a Political Analyst instead. Will start next month on air and on line. See y’all soon!”

Isgur is a longtime Republican political operative who previously worked for Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney. She served as the DOJ’s top spokeswoman during Jeff Sessions’ tenure as attorney general.

Earlier this year she met with television network executives and showed an interest in moving from politics to journalism.

When the news initially broke about her appointment, there was an eruption on social media, with some people believing that she would be directing CNN’s political coverage of the Democratic primary and President Trump’s re-election campaign.

Even once it was clarified that she’d be reporting to political director David Chalian, and would be one of several people involved in coordinating 2020 coverage, there were still deep concerns about the role – including from inside CNN.

As CNN Business reported last month, journalists at the network were questioning whether her sudden leap from the Trump administration to the CNN newsroom – particularly in the role of an editor – was an ethical breach.

Several Democratic strategists harshly criticized CNN for the move. But Isgur had defenders too, including reporters who know and like her.

At the time she was named to the job last month, CNN said Isgur would occasionally appear on-air as an analyst, but would mostly work off-air. She was set to start working at CNN next week. But a network spokeswoman indicated that Isgur proposed a shift away from the editor role.

“We can confirm that when Sarah came to us and proposed her role be adjusted to a political analyst instead, we agreed and we look forward to her starting in that role,” the CNN spokeswoman said Friday afternoon.