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Snowe launches a new linens line with a focus on softness, durability and longevity

These linens are made with a special air-washing technology to make them feel like "decades-old" linens from Italy

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Snowe, a direct-to-consumer housewares brand, wants to help make your entire house feel serene and functional. In the past, the brand carried goods for the dining room, kitchen and bathroom. But now, it’s launched linen sheets — and they’re super soft … like buttery soft.

When I heard about the launch, I knew I had to give these linens a try. Not only are they more affordable than many other luxury linens brands, but their neutral colors make these sheets the perfect addition to any home.

Snowe Home

Snowe kept four main things in mind when making these linens: Durability, longevity, breeziness — and above all — softness. In fact, the founders were so dedicated to producing only the highest quality linens that they promised to never release a linen line of bedding unless the look and feel was absolutely right. In the exact words of a brand insider: “They swore they’d only introduce linen if they could figure out a way to recreate the feel of some decades-old linen they’d gotten their hands on from a previous trip to Italy.”

The founders’ promise was no easy feat. Like any fine bottle of aged wine, it takes years to actually give precious linens that classic, aged feel. And they also figured they couldn’t expect consumers to pre-order a decade in advance. And so they decided to use modern technology and innovative production methods to give Snowe’s linens that desirable, airy, lived-in feel.

To do so, Snowe partnered with a manufacturer in Italy “to mimic and speed-up the process of tumbling, whipping, and softening the finest, 100% Italian linen with bursts of air.” This process of “air-washing” the fabric made these sheets feel deliciously soft. In fact, even though each set of Snowe sheets is new and in pristine shape, they still managed to recreate that decades-old linen feel that the Snowe founders adore.

To get your hands on a pair of Snowe’s bed linens, simply head to the Snowe site and shop the entire collection. Once there, you’ll find sheets and pillowcases, duvets and shams, pillows and comforter sets, blankets and throws and more. Here are a few favorites of ours from the linen line:

1. Linen Duvet Cover ($298;

2. Linen Sheet Set ($288;

3. Linen Pillow Cases ($88;

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.