Global Champions 2019: Schedule and results


(CNN)The 2019 Longines Global Champions Tour and Global Champions League take place in 19 cities across the globe.

From February's opener in Qatar to the November's Prague Playoffs, the world's best show jumpers will do battle for record-breaking prize funds.
Follow the progress of these prestigious competitions on CNN Sport below.
To come: GC Prague Playoffs -- November 21-24

    New York

    Date: September 27-29
    Location: Governors Island, New York
    LGCT winner: Ben Maher
    LGCL winner: London Knights
    Ben Maher is all smiles after securing the Global Champions Tour overall title with victory in New York.


    Date: September 12-14
    Location: Saint-Tropez, France
    LGCT winner: Jessica Springsteen
    LGCL winner: Madrid in Motion
    Jesssica Springsteen clinched her first LGCT title in Saint-Tropez.


    Date: September 6-8
    Location: Stadio dei Marmi, Rome
    LGCT winner: Ben Maher
    LGCL winner: Prague Lions
    Ben Maher and Explosion W celebrating another victory in Rome.


    Date: August 9-11
    Location: Tops International Arena, Valkenswaard, Netherlands
    LGCT winner: Maikel van der Vleuten
    LGCL winner: New York Empire
    Maikel van der Vleuten and Dana Blue on the way to victory in Valkenswaard.


    Date: August 2-4
    Location: Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, UK
    LGCT winner: Ben Maher
    LGCL winner: London Knights
    Ben Maher and Explosion W triumphed in London.


    Date: July 26-28
    Location: Sommergarten, Berlin, Germany
    LGCT winner: Dani G. Waldman
    LGCL winner: Hamburg Giants
    Dani G. Waldman and Lizziemary on the way to victory in Berlin.


    Date: July 12-14
    Location: Chantilly, France
    LGCT winner: Darragh Kenny
    LGCL winner: Berlin Eagles
    Darragh Kenny on the way to victory with Balou du Reventon at Chantilly.


    Date: July 5-7
    Location: Champ de Mars, Paris
    LGCT winner: Christian Ahlmann
    LGCL winner: Miami Celtics