An 11-year-old assault victim was forced to have a C-section in Argentina, rights group says

Some medical staff refused to perform an abortion at a hospital in Argentina's Tucumán province.

(CNN)A pregnant 11-year-old girl in Argentina was forced to have a cesarean section after she and her family had been requesting an abortion for weeks, a human rights group said.

Last month, the girl and her mother asked medics in the northern province of Tucumán for an abortion after confirming that she was pregnant, local rights group ANDHES said.
The group said the girl's pregnancy continued for weeks before local authorities approved the procedure. A judge consulting on the case said this week that the girl could receive an abortion, CNN affiliate TN reported.
But local health officials said the girl's mother initially indicated she would take care of the baby after birth and only made an official request for an abortion this week.
    The health department found a doctor who would do the procedure, but he determined an abortion could potentially risk her life because she was 23 weeks' pregnant.