A bookstore owner needed emergency surgery, so employees at other stores worked for free to keep the shop open

Husband and wife booksellers Seth Marko and Jennifer Powell thought they would have to shut down their store when Marko had to have emergency surgery.

(CNN)The business world can be pretty cutthroat, but when the owners of a California bookstore faced a medical emergency, workers from five other bookstores jumped in to help them stay open.

Seth Marko and his wife, Jennifer Powell, opened The Book Catapult about a year and a half ago in San Diego. Powell manages the store and Marko buys the books and also has a full-time job as a sales representative for a publishing company.
Last month, Marko had emergency open heart surgery and spent 11 days in the hospital.
He's doing well now, but he obviously couldn't work. His wife couldn't run the shop either, because she was looking after him and their daughter, who's about to turn 4.
    Their only employee was out with a serious case of the flu, so they had no staff.
    "I honestly wasn't really thinking about the store," Marko said. "I just assumed that it would be closed, I guess, until further notice. I didn't know how we would handle it."
    After Marko went into surgery, Powell called their friend Scott Ehrig-Burgess and his wife to get them to look after their daughter.