Arizona lawmakers are pushing vaccine exemption bills

Lawmakers in Arizona are considering bills that would make it easier for parents to exempt their children from vaccinations.

(CNN)Arizona lawmakers voted last week to advance three bills that would make it easier to get exemptions from the state's vaccine requirements, and which would require doctors to provide much more information to patients and families about potential harms that vaccines pose.

The bills cleared the House's Health and Human Services Committee on a 5-4 GOP-led, party-line vote, and head to the Rules Committee on their way to the floor.
HB 2470 adds a religious exemption to the existing law requiring vaccinations, and carries an amendment that would eliminate the requirement for parents to fill out an exemption form that informed them of potential consequences of not vaccinating their children. Those consequences can include requirements to keep children who haven't received vaccinations out of school during disease outbreaks.
HB 2471 requires medical providers to give detailed information about vaccines, including the prescription's package insert, to parents.
    Finally, HB 2472 gives patients, or their parent or legal guardian, an option for an antibody titer test to see whether the individual has developed antibodies to vaccine preventable diseases.