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Beyoncé-inspired dance moves shook the internet. Will Smith broke public library rules. Barack Obama hilariously teased an NBA star. These are the must-see videos of the week.

Barack Obama with the shot

Stephen Curry became the first unanimous winner of the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award in 2016 and has led the Golden State Warriors to three NBA championships. But an impressive resume couldn’t save Curry from being roasted by former President Barack Obama, who poked fun at the star’s previous ankle problems.

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See Stephen Curry's reaction to Obama's diss

The hero America needs

Some people enjoy ranch with their buffalo wings. Others love it with a salad. And this girl wasn’t letting anyone stop her from her favorite dipping sauce. College student Hanna Kinney has been hailed “Ranch Girl” after interrupting Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand while speaking at an Iowa restaurant. Kinney was so determined to get some ranch for her pizza she didn’t recognize the senator.

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'Ranch girl' goes viral on Dem's campaign stop

Run the World (Girls)

Attention Beyoncé fans: I believe you’ve just received a new Beehive member. An almost 2-year-old girl has gone viral after her uncle posted a video to Twitter showing her jam to Beyoncé’s hit “Crazy In Love.” The internet is buzzing over her dances moves – and her love of corn dogs.

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Toddler with corn dog goes viral for Beyoncé dance

Bad Boys for Life?

Will Smith kicked off his social media involvement in 2017 and has been creating newsworthy moments ever since. Next up: vandalism. The actor stopped at a public library to surreptitiously sign the library’s DVDs of his films while shooting near Atlanta. He posted the video on his Facebook page, joking he could go right to jail.

01:11 - Source: HLN
Will Smith 'vandalizes' DVDs at public library

Say cheese

Ever seen a whale bump shot? Well, today is the day. Scientist Regina Eisert was studying the eating habits of Type-C killer whales when one of those whales swam up really close. The New Zealand-based researcher said on social media that it seemed the whale wanted to show off part of its meal.

01:16 - Source: CNN
Scientist films encounter with killer whale