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As spring approaches, it’s time to borrow a page from Marie Kondo’s playbook and take a long hard look at those items you use every day. Linens, including bedding and towels, are essentials that may appear crisp and clean on the outside, but could actually be sheltering germs, according to Leanne Stapf, chief operating officer at The Cleaning Authority.

“From letting pets sleep on the bed or showering in the morning to the collection of dust mites and buildup of overnight perspiration, your sheets can be a breeding ground for bacteria,” she explains. “If bacteria continues to grow, this can affect the complexion of your skin or even trigger allergies among other things.”

To keep you and your family safe, she recommends cleaning your linens every one to two weeks. However, over time, washing isn’t enough, and you may need to replace your sets. A general rule of thumb is to throw out sheets every two to five years, depending on the quality. A higher thread count could mean they’ll last longer, but pay attention to stains, rips, tears and other signs of wear. Stapf says comforters are usually solid for a decade, as long as they are regularly washed and fluffed, while towels usually lose their absorbency around the two-year mark.

If, on further inspection, your linens are definitely in need of an upgrade this spring, here are some of the best buys to inspire your shopping:

Bovi Fine Linens Bitsy Dots Full/Queen Duvet Cover ($195;

Made in Portugal from long-staple Egyptian cotton, this classic duvet cover is distinguished by the small details, like the delicate embroidered trim. It’s ideal for a polished room that craves a bit of character.

Parachute Classic Towel Set (starting at $9;

Is there anything nicer than a soft towel right after a hot shower? It’s a much-needed comfort in the morning or before bedtime, and this recommended set from Parachute hits the spot. You’ll enjoy the texture, as well as the quick-drying feature created by Parachute’s Aerocotton technology. This set includes two body towels, two hand towels and two washcloths, ideal for when you’re just getting set up in a new home.

Boll and Branch Signature Soft Sheets (starting at $200;

The most popular sheets from this accessible luxury brand, these organic cotton sheets will have you saying “Ahhh” as you climb into bed. They’re soft to the touch when you first get them, and they tend to get even smoother with washes, making them ideal as your go-to set. They’re available in a slew of colors and sizes. The $200 investment might seem steep for sheets, but trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Brooklinen All-Season Down Comforter (starting at $299;

Though you’re freshening up your space in the springtime, this comforter from household name Brooklinen will keep you cool or warm all year round. This down comforter will upgrade your bedding at a reasonable price. Take your pick from twin to California king, and sleep better.

Purple The Sheets ($114;

If you’re looking for an extra layer of comfort, these trendy sheets could be the answer. Created from bamboo and spandex, the texture alone will wow you. Purple says that combination of materials will keep you from getting too hot or too cold, and that the stretchy feature will allow you to move easily in your sleep, making for a bedtime win-win. The deep-pocket styling will fit any type of mattress.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.