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Smoothies, soups and nut butters — oh my! There’s almost no limit to the amazing foods Vitamix blenders can prepare. They’re the do-it-all blending appliances that everyone swears by, from health-driven foodies to busy professionals, parents and home chefs.

And for those trying to maintain New Year’s resolutions and cook healthier in 2020, Vitamix machines can totally revolutionize how you eat. For instance, when you make a healthy hummus using the Vitamix, you control what goes into the recipe, rather than relying on store-bought options that can be packed with sodium and processed ingredients. Now, it’s a breeze to create healthier versions of your favorite foods in minutes.

If this sounds like the versatile gadget you’ve been looking for, there’s no better time to pull the trigger. There are so many models to choose from such as the classic 5200, the space-saving S55 or even the smart A3300. There are also some reconditioned models available if you want to save. All in all, if you’re looking to invest in a healthier new year, now’s the time to do so.

What makes the Vitamix so great?

The Vitamix is a far cry from your everyday blender. Not only do these high-end appliances make smoothies in a flash, but they can also whip up a number of foods that many other blenders simply can’t hack. For instance, nut butters, which would normally be impossible to make without a full-blown food processor, are totally doable in a Vitamix.

Then there’s the hot-food setting, so users can simultaneously heat and blend hot soups and sauces in the Vitamix chamber. Cooking healthy soups from nutritious produce, like butternut squash and sweet potatoes, is a cinch with the Vitamix.

Perhaps one of the best settings available on the Vitamix is the self-cleaning setting. This allows you to effortlessly begin the cleanup process without picking up a dish rag. All you do is blend warm water and a drop of dish soap at the machine’s highest speed. In just 60 seconds, your blender will be either totally clean or way more manageable to wash by hand — depending on what you had prepared and how stubborn the contents are to get off. (I use this setting daily, and it seriously speeds up my morning routine.)

Finally, Vitamix machines are built to last. The company promises that they should last you for years. And each machine comes with a robust warranty, so you can feel confident about your investment. Ahead, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite Vitamix models.

Ascent Series A3300 Blender

The Ascent 3300 Blender ($549.95; features a built-in programmable timer and handy pulse feature, both accessible via the blender’s touchscreen — no bulky buttons or dials here. Other key capabilities include a motor base that adjusts blending times based on the container size you’re using, and the ability to pair it with the Vitamix Perfect Blend app, which features 17 programs and over 500 recipes. The Ascent 3300 is available in three colors that are sure to complement any kitchen space and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty that’s free with your purchase of the blender.

Professional Series 750 Blender

The Professional Series 750 Blender ($599.95; comes with five program settings: smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts and self-cleaning. This above-and-beyond machine makes food prep quick, easy and consistent, which is huge when you’re on a mission to improve your diet. The commercial-grade motor is designed to be able to blend up even the toughest ingredients, which is particularly helpful if you’re blending harder foods for a soup or smoothie. It’s available in a sleek black or pearl gray and comes with a free seven-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing this is an investment that will pay for itself. It’s also a fan-favorite option, with a 4.8-star rating from over 880 reviews.

What about reconditioned products?

While you may feel skeptical about buying a reconditioned machine, there’s no need to worry. Buying a reconditioned model simply means that you save money on a machine that acts like new. Vitamix ensures that all reconditioned machines meet customer expectations by putting each blender through a meticulous 17-step reconditioning process and two quality control inspections. This process includes ruling out any machines that have scratches or are more than five years old. And when you buy from Vitamix, you get much more than a kitchen appliance. Customers get access to free, unlimited customer support, recipes to prepare in your new blender, and “a community of Vitamix enthusiasts on our social networks.”

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.