Quickly catch up on the day's news

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed Monday on CNN:

-- Analysis: America could be sliding toward a new government shutdown and President Donald Trump may face a fateful choice over his border wall as another knife-edge week opens in Washington.

-- A winter storm in Hawaii brings strong winds, high surf, and yes, even snow.
-- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for fast food chains, and McDonald's has released yet another innovative product to help it regain lost momentum in the morning.
-- Parents in a remote Russian archipelago are scared to send their children to school after a "mass invasion" of polar bears into residential areas.
    -- The FDA vowed to update its policies on dietary supplements, promising "one of the most significant modernizations of dietary supplement regulation and oversight in more than 25 years."
    -- Thousands of Denver teachers are on strike, and students are joining them.
      -- The trade war with China is still going strong. Here's why most Americans haven't even noticed.
      -- El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said hours before President Trump is due to visit his city that the President was wrong to claim a border barrier was responsible for the city's drop in crime.