'50 Shades of Maple Glen' lists a suburban house with something extra

This four-bedroom, 2½-bath house is for sale for $750,000 near Philadelphia.

(CNN)For sale in quiet Philadelphia suburb: 5,000-square-foot Colonial with gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, master bedroom and more.

Much, much more, as it turns out.
The $750,000 home in Maple Glen comes furnished -- fully furnished -- with a large, finished basement featuring whips, chains, bondage equipment and swing.
It also features a basement that might appeal to fans of a certain trilogy of books and movies.
"It's what I call a private adult playground or sexual oasis," said listing agent Melissa Leonard of the home she calls "50 Shades of Maple Glen" after the "50 Shades of Grey" books and movies featuring kinky sex.
    She listed the house Thursday night online and it quickly got thousands of views. The photos of the house's special feature were quickly removed from the main listing site after some real estate agents complained.
    Neighbor Barry Katz told CNN affiliate WPVI he wasn't happy about it, either.
    "It's not for us," Katz said. "Take it downtown. Take it to Los Angeles or Hollywood or wherever, just not here."
    The Realtor says the basement features mood lighting that's decidedly sexier than this.
    But Leonard said she has 38 showings scheduled through Wednesday, and she isn't concerned that some people might not like the bonus amenity. A new owner could easily have it removed and use the basement for more ordinary suburban activities.
    The owner lost his wife last year and then renovated the basement with his new girlfriend. He and his children -- one in high school, one in college -- live there part time.