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Microsoft Excel is a necessary skill for almost everyone in today's workplace

The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle will have you crunching numbers and creating pivot tables in no time

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There’s no doubt that Microsoft Excel is one of the most important computer programs in the world. Used for everything from analyzing financial budgets to scheduling a team outing, Excel is a necessary skill for almost everyone in today’s workplace. Anyone can claim to be “proficient,” but to really reap the benefits of a program as helpful as Excel, you need to know what tools are available and how you can actually use and apply them to the work you do.

The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle ($39, a $1,725 value; aims to be an inexpensive, flexible and comprehensive solution to any and all of your Excel anxieties. With lifetime access to five courses and 78 hours of content, the bootcamp bundle will have you crunching numbers and creating pivot tables in no time. Plus, you can tackle the content on your own time and return to the material whenever you need a refresher.

Creators Marc, Vin and Chris formed their company, Excel with Business, in 2009 as a remedy for inadequate Microsoft Excel training. As strategy and management consultants, they felt that too many people were laboriously learning everything about Excel, rather than zeroing in on how to apply Excel skills in a business context – so they began designing business-relevant Excel courses.

Microsoft Excel (32 hours, $345 value)

With this 32-hour crash course, you’ll cover the basics of using Excel. From automating spreadsheets to creating graphs for presentations, you won’t have to waste any more time trying to figure out how to actually do those things. The course includes access to 160 lectures that cover everything from the most popular formulas to understanding the different uses for conditional, cell and number formatting.

Advanced Excel (16 hours, $345 value)

Now that you have the basics covered, this course will focus on elevating those intermediate skills to new heights. By the end of the 20 lectures, you should be able to solve even the most difficult problems in Excel. The topics covered include solving complex problems using superpower functions and utilizing macros in order to increase the interactivity of your spreadsheets.

Pivot Table (6 hours, $345 value)

Pivot tables are often considered Excel’s most powerful tool. They enable you to automatically sort data in one place and present the information you’re analyzing in another. Pivot tables can be a challenge to learn on your own, but with 39 modules you’ll be given the materials needed to develop the necessary skills. By the end of the course you shouldn’t have any trouble filtering, sorting and grouping data. Plus you’ll learn how to identify the best types of data sets to use and understand the pivot table’s primary uses and applications.

Business Analysis (20 hours, $345 value)

With this course, you’ll learn to combine the technical skills you’ve acquired with financial and business strategy. The content focuses on how to use data to support your business decisions through Excel techniques like dynamic ranges and advanced charts. You’ll even get the chance to practice different forecasting techniques like moving averages and regression. Instructor Harold Graycar is an executive with over 25 years of experience in a variety of management roles, all based in business analysis.

Microsoft VBA (4 hours, $345 value)

Excel with Business describes Microsoft VBA, or Visual Basic for Application, as “Excel on steroids.” With just a little VBA knowledge, you can take your Excel game to the next level by automating tasks and taking on way more data. From defining and managing variables to setting up subroutines, this four-hour course is accredited by CPD UK, the UK-based continuing professional development certification service, making it a great skill to add to your resume.