Chicago family in frozen neighborhood leaves notes offering help and friendship

Sabeel Ahmed said he hopes his letters cause a "ripple effect" of kindness in his suburban Chicago neighborhood.

(CNN)Neighbors found unexpected warmth when they opened their front doors this week to the minus-14-degree wind chill in Morton Grove near Chicago. Handwritten notes left behind read: "My family and I are available if you need assistance in picking up groceries, medicine or removal of snow."

The notes came from Sabeel Ahmed, his wife Asma Naheed and their three children. The family went door to door, leaving those notes on 40 of their neighbors' houses. Ahmed wasn't looking for anything in return. He just wanted to push back against the cold that keeps people homebound and isolated.
"We need to take care of our neighbors. That was a big motivation for doing this," Ahmed told CNN. He said he decided to leave the notes after worrying about an elderly woman who lives next door.
The family of Sabeel Ahmed left 40 handwritten letters on neighbors' doors offering warm regards during the cold snap.
Ahmed is director of GainPeace, an Islamic outreach organization. He said he hopes his family's actions will highlight an important aspect of the Muslim faith: caring for neighbors. "Despite racial and religious differences, at the end of the day, we have to meet."
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