#TBT: That time an American astronaut golfed on the moon

(CNN)As we stare down the possibility of another government shutdown, perhaps it will mitigate our stress to think back to simpler times. A time when we were sending men to the moon (probably one of the least simple accomplishments of science and engineering).

A time known as "1971," when Apollo 14 launched on January 31.
Apollo 14 was special for many reasons: It was the third mission to land humans on the moon. It was the first mission after the nearly-catastrophic Apollo 13 mission. It returned Alan Shepard, America's first man in space, to the cold, dark vacuum where he'd made history.
But of course, what we all remember is Shepard's golf game.
    Shepard rigged himself a golf club using a head he brought from Earth and the handle of a "contingency sample return device," which as far as I can tell, looks like a very fancy/expensive butterfly net, but for rocks.
    "Houston, while you're looking that up, you might recog