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February 1, 2019

As parts of Australia swelter under abnormally high temperatures, parts of the U.S. are thawing out from abnormally low ones. Following a report on that, we’re explaining what the polar vortex is and how it affects weather. Pollution in Thailand, Super Bowl spending, and an elephant seal rescue are today’s other topics.


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1. In what nation were parts of the city of Brumadinho buried by mud following the collapse of a dam at an iron mine?

2. In what nation was a 17th Century oil painting by Arnould de Vuez discovered during the renovation of an office building?

3. Hunger, hyperinflation, and sometimes violent protests are the ongoing effects of political and economic instability in what South American nation?

4. Name the emirate of the United Arab Emirates that is gearing up to host the 2020 World Expo, an international event that will last for months.

5. What metallic element, whose atomic number is 27, was featured on Wednesday’s show and cited for its use in everything from paints to steel to electric car batteries?

6. In what central African nation did a CNN investigation uncover the use of child labor to mine the element described in question 5?

7. The fingers, toes, ears and nose are common places for what kind of injury, which can occur in just five minutes when the wind chill is -50 degrees Fahrenheit?

8. What substance (another term for soil) is found on both the Earth and the moon, contains water and oxygen, and is the subject of a European mission to mine the moon?

9. What two-word term describes an area of low pressure near the Arctic Circle that can spill very cold air into the U.S. when the jet stream distorts it?

10. In what Thai city have officials tried to combat air pollution by closing schools, spraying molasses into the air, and attempting to seed rain clouds?


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