Venus and Jupiter conjunction wows stargazers

From left to right: Venus, Jupiter and the Moon line up in the pre-dawn sky in Newcastle, England

(CNN)Stargazers in the UK got a rare treat Tuesday morning after Venus, Jupiter and the moon appeared together in the dawn sky.

Shots of the spectacular conjunction were a big hit on social media, with excited users posting some astonishing photos.
While the two planets appeared even closer in the sky on January 22, perfect conditions in the UK Tuesday sparked great public interest.
On January 22, the conjunction "was too low in the sky to be easily seen in the UK, but across North America the planets could be seen in the South East of the sky from around 4am to 7am EST," said Anna Ross, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory in London.
    These conjunctions are fairly common, said Leigh Fletcher, a Jupiter scientist at the University of Leicester in the UK.
    The two planets will continue to move further apart, Fletcher told CNN via telephone, adding that Tuesday morning was great for stargazers.
    "The weather has been ideal for us to take a look at what's going on," he added.