Pharmacist uses snowmobile to deliver medicine for snowed-in customers

A Michigan pharmacist jumped on a snowmobile to deliver medicine to customers.

(CNN)With temperatures in the danger zone and snow blocking driveways, a Michigan pharmacist got creative in delivering prescriptions to her customers.

Andrea Cusack, a pharmacist at Lake Odessa Pharmacy, typically delivers medicines for customers in the small community of Lake Odessa, a town between Grand Rapids and Lansing. But on Tuesday, with snow covering the road, Cusack enlisted the help of her 15-year-old son and fired up their snowmobile so they could make a special delivery.
"Blood pressure, diabetes meds, you do not want to stop those," Cusack told CNN affiliate WILX. "You want to take those continuously."
Cusack's husband shared a picture of the delivering duo on Facebook.
    "Appears we have a new addition to Lake Odessa Pharmacy's delivery service!" he posted.