Federal workers are back at work today after the partial government shutdown.
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    Break out the king cakes! It’s Epiphany, also known as Twelfth Night or Three Kings’ Day, which marks the start of Carnival season.

    1. Senate runoffs 

    01:50 - Source: CNN
    Mulvaney: Trump willing to shut down government again

    House Democrats have started their sweeping investigation of President Donald Trump, with the House Judiciary Committee asking for documents from 81 people and entities in Trump’s orbit. The mammoth probe – which will look into the President’s campaign, businesses, transition and administration – could be a sign the Democrats are laying the groundwork to impeach Trump. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Trump has attacked the “core functions” of American democracy. When asked about the investigation, the President dismissed the whole thing as “a hoax,” while White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the Democrats had launched a “fishing expedition” because “their two-year false narrative of ‘Russia collusion’ is crumbling.”

    2. Electoral College count

    Iran is no longer complying with the nuclear deal it signed with the US and five other countries in 2015. The deal was intended to keep the country from developing a nuclear weapon. Iran announced over the weekend it had started to increase uranium enrichment beyond the purity threshold it agreed to as part of the nuclear deal. Iran had agreed to keep its uranium enrichment threshold below 3.67% (enough to provide power to parts of the country, but not enough to build a nuke) in return for the lifting of economic sanctions. But President Trump pulled the US out of the deal last year and restarted economic sanctions against Iran. After learning of Iran’s latest move, the President warned the country to “be careful.”

    02:32 - Source: CNN
    Understanding Venezuela's political crisis

    3. Coronavirus 

    The man accused of killing five people in a weekend shooting in Louisiana has been arrested. Dakota Theriot, 21, was nabbed in Virginia Sunday morning. Theriot fled there after police said he killed his girlfriend, her brother and the siblings’ father as well as his own parents. Theriot had been living with his girlfriend’s family but had been recently asked to leave and not return.  The mother of the slain siblings said the killings were pointless. “It’s senseless, my babies died for nothing. Their daddy died for nothing,” she said.

    00:45 - Source: hln
    Suspect in Louisiana shooting deaths captured

    4. Bahamas

    Has a second person been cured of HIV? Some scientists think so. A man in the UK, identified only as the “London patient,” has experienced sustained remission from HIV-1 after being treated with stem cell transplants from donors who carried a rare genetic mutation that made them resistant to the disease. The case study is published in the journal Nature. More than a decade ago, a person referred to as the “Berlin patient” was reportedly cured of HIV using a similar method.

    5. Qatar

    The first big rally of the 2020 presidential campaign was held over the weekend in California. Democratic candidate Kamala Harris officially launched her campaign in her hometown of Oakland. She bashed President Trump, of course, and said he was a threat to American values. She also used the word “truth” 21 times in her speech (CNN’s Brian Stelter counted.) Meanwhile, ex-Starbucks CEO (and former Democrat) Howard Schultz said he’s “seriously” thinking about running for president as an independent. That’s led to cries of “don’t do it!” from some Democrats, who fear that a third-party candidate like Schultz could peel away just enough votes from the eventual Democratic nominee to ensure President Trump’s re-election.

    02:28 - Source: CNN
    Kamala Harris: America, we are better than this


    “(It’s so quiet) I can hear my eyelids blink.”

    Duke professor Megan Neely, in an email to international students warning Chinese students against communicating in their native language. The email sparked outrage on campus and social media and forced Neely to quit as the head of a master’s program at the school.


    The $768.4 million man

    “Black Panther” was the winner of the SAG Award’s biggest honor last night. Here are the red carpet pics and the list of the other winners.

    00:10 - Source: CNN
    This video is no longer available

    Bad break

    Last night’s live version of “Rent” was not so live after all. Fox had to (mostly) go with footage from dress rehearsal after one of the actors broke his foot.

    The 'Rent' cast

    Hook, line and explosive

    One heck of a catch: A man reeled in a WWII-era hand grenade while fishing. For some reason he took it to Taco Bell. And of course this happened in Florida.

    Welcome to the A

    It’s Super Bowl week, and Atlanta welcomes an expected 1 million visitors with this catchy jam from rapper Ludacris and a bunch of middle school kids.

    00:41 - Source: HLN
    Atlanta students debut music video with Ludacris

    Come together

    It’s reason No. 4,394 to hate Facebook: The social media giant plans to integrate Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Here’s what it means for you.

    03:55 - Source: CNN Business
    Facebook's data scandals aren't just bad publicity


    21 years

    The number of confirmed measles cases in Washington state, which prompted Gov. Jay Inslee to declare a state of emergency

    02:05 - Source: CNN
    Measles on the rise after 19-year absence


    Taste test

    Niquinha the cat had quite enough of the little butterfly toy. (Click to view)