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Kingdom Hearts III,” one of the most anticipated video games ever, is almost here. If you haven’t preordered this adventure through Disney-themed worlds yet, fear not, as Amazon has a great deal for Prime members.

The game officially drops on Tuesday, but through the power of Amazon you can still preorder the title for PS4 ($59.99; amazon.com) or Xbox One S ($59.99; amazon.com) and get a $10 Amazon credit back if you’re a Prime member. It’s yet another benefit of being a Prime member, besides the free two-day shipping.

The title is the 12th installment in the “Kingdom Hearts” series, which was first released in 2002. Like the 11 titles before it, “Kingdom Hearts III” has you controlling our hero, Sora, and his Disney friends as they embark on a journey that will take you through several worlds. Donald Duck and Goofy will be there, along with many iconic Disney and Pixar characters from movies ranging from “Toy Story” to “Monsters Inc.,” “Tangled,” “Hercules” and many others.

Most importantly, Mickey Mouse is along for the ride.

You’ll have to use magic and “Keyblades” to win battles that span the different worlds. Each of these locations will have specific gameplay features. Plus, if you want a break from the core adventure, there are over 20 mini-games that build on classic Disney short films.

Check out all the preorder options below to get the $10 Amazon credit back.

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