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There are shoes made for street wear, ones that are made for intense athletic training, and more polished pairs suited for the office, but few are made for all three. And the reality is, our day isn’t spent just at the office or just at the gym; we find ourselves constantly running around from activity to activity, each of which requires its own special footwear. Cole Haan, one of our go-to footwear brands, is hoping to solve this problem with its brand-new Zerogrand All-Day Trainer.

Since their inception, Cole Haan’s Zerogrand sneakers have been a big hit with customers (so far, the company has sold over 2.8 million pairs). Why? For the pretty simple reason that Zerogrand sneakers feel lightweight, but still durable and cushioned. The brand’s Zerogrand trainers also accomplish this, but with added support for when you’re running or working out.

Designed with support in mind, the All-Day Trainer features 360-degree heel support that effectively cradles your heel when it hits the ground. Its signature Grand.OS energy foam also provides lightweight cushioning that complements your natural running gait.

When we tested out the shoe during a variety of activities, we experienced this level of support firsthand. The shoes felt impossibly light for training sneakers, but at the same time provided a high level of comfort and support during high-intensity interval training sessions, boxing classes, quick sprints and day-to-day errands. We also found the shoes to be incredibly breathable under pressure.

But what really struck our fancy is the styling of the sneaker. Unlike other trainers, the styling really did allow us to wear these shoes at the office, as they paired well with office wear like dresses and culottes. One thing we will recommend: We think the sneakers look best with no-show or low-cut socks. Standard socks looked clunky.

Currently the sneakers come in six color options for men and eight for women, with prices starting at $150, making them pretty comparable to most performance sneakers. The added benefit here is that instead of needing multiple pairs of shoes to transition from the office to the gym, now you only need one. And if you ask us, it’s about time a sneaker reflected our day-to-day reality.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.