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Jerome Corsi, a longtime friend and associate of Roger Stone, said Sunday that the information about him in the indictment against Stone is “accurate” and that he will “affirm that if asked to in court.”

The indictment, publicly revealed on Friday in connection to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, says that during the 2016 presidential election, “Person 1” emailed Stone, a longtime associate of President Donald Trump, to predict that WikiLeaks had more document dumps in the works. It also alleges that Stone directed “Person 1” to get in touch with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to get “pending” emails from the organization.

Last week, Corsi confirmed to CNN that he is “Person 1” and that the information about him is “accurate,” something he repeated on Sunday to CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

“I know my motivation is to tell the truth. And I will affirm that what is in the indictment about me is accurate. And I will affirm that if asked to in court,” Corsi told Tapper.

“So that means that you’re willing to testify against Roger Stone, theoretically, if need be. You will affirm that the – what’s in the indictment is correct?” Tapper asked.

“I’ll be happy to testify, if – I would suspect to be subpoenaed. And I’ll let the testimony fall wherever it falls,” Corsi replied.

“I’m going to tell the truth, to the best of my ability. Even that’s hard, given the amount of information and the fact that I have said from the beginning I’m not a human tape recorder. You can’t push a button, and I can’t recall precisely, in detail, granularly, conversations, emails, events from 2016,” Corsi said.

“But I’m going to do my best to tell the truth, without calculation of whom it benefits or whom it detracts,” he added.

When asked by Tapper if he knew which senior campaign official was directed to talk to Stone to find out about additional Wikileaks releases, as mentioned in the indictment, Corsi said he didn’t know and that he only went off what Stone had told him.

“I do agree that Roger wanted me to find out from Wikileaks,” he said. “I never had any contact with Julian Assange directly or indirectly, so my communications with Roger in July and August 2016 about what I thought Assange had were really speculation on my part connecting the dots.”

Last week, Corsi’s lawyer, Larry Klayman, said that although it’s clear Corsi is being investigated by a grand jury, he does not believe Corsi will be indicted.

CNN’s Katelyn Polantz contributed to this report.