What happened this week (in anything but politics)

(CNN) A 'star' is born. A moon turns red. And Earth's oldest rock is found. It's time for this week's politics-free news.

A stellar list

    A movie challenge

    He helped 73,000 kids see 'Black Panther.' This year, he hopes to do the same with 'Captain Marvel.'

    A sight to behold

    It's so cold that parts of the Niagara Falls are frozen. The majestic view stunned visitors.

    A sweet reunion

    They were separated when they were 5 months old. Now 54, they learned they are twins.

    A rare treat

    It's not every year a super blood wolf moon appears. Here it is in all its glory.

      A piece of history

      Earth's oldest rock was found -- on the moon. You can thank Apollo 14 astronauts for bringing it back.