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Here’s what you might have missed Wednesday on CNN:

– President Donald Trump insisted in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he would deliver his annual State of the Union address from the chamber of the US House next week as planned. Pelosi rebuffed Trump, saying she would not allow him to give the State of the Union in the House chamber while the government is shut down.

– The Senate failed to advance a Republican-backed proposal to end the government shutdown and provide $5.7 billion for President Donald Trump’s promised border wall.

– Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says he doesn’t understand why federal workers who have missed paychecks due to the partial government shutdown don’t just take out loans. The comments came after a senior White House economic adviser compared the shutdown to a vacation.

– Omaha Nation elder Nathan Phillips says he thinks Nick Sandmann’s response on the “Today” show was coached and insincere. The two faced off last week in Washington.

– Republican Sen. Joni Ernst has come forward and said that she was “forced out as a survivor” of mental and physical abuse by her former husband and that she was raped by a boyfriend in college.

– The head of Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly declared himself acting president amid massive anti-government protests, openly rebelling against socialist President Nicolas Maduro. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged support for the interim presidency of Juan Guaido.

– Europe’s top human rights court ruled that Amanda Knox’s rights were violated in the hours after she was arrested in the Italian city of Perugia over the killing of her British housemate. The court said Italy should pay Knox 18,400 euros (about $20,800) in damages. Knox was cleared in the case.

– Rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mill have joined with sports and business leaders to form REFORM Alliance, an organization that aims to reduce the number of people serving unjust parole and probation sentences.

– Simon Cowell has plans for this 6-year-old DJ. Here’s why.