As deputy stood in the rain to salute a slain officer's funeral procession, a good Samaritan made sure she kept dry

A deputy salutes a police procession as a good Samaritan shields her from rain.

(CNN)As fallen Birmingham, Alabama, police Sgt. Wytasha Carter's procession passed through the city, a special moment was captured by onlookers as a man shielded an officer from rain.

In the photo from Saturday, Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Tiffany Dial stands in the rain saluting as a man stands behind her holding an umbrella over her.
Meghan Blankenship witnessed the interaction and said the man stood there for well over 30 minutes.
"It brought tears to my eyes," Blackenship said, [for him] "to show that much respect and love for another individual."
    Dial said the man didn't say a word to her, and when she turned around he was gone.