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Find a coffee maker that works for your lifestyle, budget and taste buds

Choose from French press, cold brew and drip coffee makers

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A recent industry survey of 3,000 people found more Americans than ever are drinking coffee, with 64% saying they drank at least a cup the previous day, Reuters reported.

But while the allure of Starbucks is tough to resist, the same survey found that 79% of the coffee-drinkers had a cup at home the previous day. If you’re in that group, you know how important it is to find a coffee maker that works for your lifestyle, budget and taste buds.

From trendy cold-brew makers and pour-overs to good old-fashioned brewers and luxe espresso machines, there’s plenty to choose from and consider. For those in the market to upgrade their coffee-brewing chops, we’ve rounded up the best of the best for 2019. And we’ve organized them by price category, so whether you’re looking to save or splurge, you can find what you need. So go on — pour yourself a strong mug and get to browsing:

Under $50

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker ($24.69;

Think of your favorite homey, hipster cafe. You know the vibe: quotes on the wall, smooth beats sounding in the corner, digital nomads working away on their Macs. Here, you can have a (surprisingly small) cup of cold brew for $5. Or you could buy this at-home brewer for less than $25. Using any type of ground coffee you’d like, this budget-friendly pick makes four servings of smooth and flavorful cold brew. If you want to “do it for the Insta,” buy a takeaway cup and fake it. No filter required — for your post, or the brewer.

AeroPress Coffee Maker ($29.95;

If you want to make your own coffee every day but you’re worried about it being an effort-intensive and messy process, the AeroPress may be your salvation. It’s one of the easiest ways to dramatically up your coffee game. Simply place your coffee in the chamber, place the Aeropress on top of your favorite mug and pour boiling water into the chamber. Slowly press the plunger down and there you have it – a hot cup of coffee. The best part is how easy it is to wash. Just rinse the individual parts and they’re ready to go for tomorrow morning.

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker ($36.95;

If you want a coffee maker that’s both sleek and practical, a Chemex provides the best of both worlds. The elegant design makes for a great addition to your kitchen counter, but it’s as simple to use as any other pour-over coffee maker. It’s made from a nonporous borosilicate glass, which makes it less likely to crack from extreme temperatures. You can easily refrigerate your pour-over coffee without losing any flavor.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker ($39.99;

For a simple yet reliable everyday coffee maker, this option from Hamilton Beach gets the job done. The upper compartment swings out so you can easily place your filter and ground coffee into it. The carafe is drip-free, and the filter basket has a handle for easy disposal. There are three brewing options and an optional cleaning cycle reminder. One reviewer calls it a “fantastic, inexpensive coffee pot.”

Under $100

Espro Press P7 ($75.99;

Ideal if you’re a coffee drinker but your partner is not, a French press gives you a tad more control over quantity, compared with a traditional coffee maker. You can make as little or as much as you’d like, at whatever roast level you crave, all within 10 minutes. Nicknamed the “Knight in Shining Armor” of French presses, this vacuum-insulated, double-walled mirror stainless steel find from Espro is pretty impressive. How come? If you’re anything like us, you nurse your coffee, letting it get cold — but this bad boy will keep your brew toasty for hours. Bottoms up!

Russell Hobbs Retro Style 8-Serving Coffee Maker ($58.43;

Though the name is a bit of a stretch — it looks pretty modern to us! — this eight-serving coffee maker is a staple for any kitchen. No fancy gadgets, no complicated parts. You can take this brewer out of the box and have a cup of joe right away. Though it does feature a few more advanced options, including a process gauge to let you know how soon you can pour your pot and how long it’s been sitting idle, everything is user-friendly. For those who are particular about style, don’t worry — it’s available in blue, white, cream, red and black and comes with a glass carafe that can hold up to 42 ounces.

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker ($79.99;

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense coffee maker that will make you a great tasting cup of coffee, this option from Ninja is highly rated by Amazon users. It utilizes thermal flavor extraction technology that Amazon says will unlock the full flavor potential of ground coffee for a great tasting brew. Some key features include customization of either a classic or rich brew, and you can choose a small batch or the whole 12 cups. To quote one review, “every time I brew a new pot of coffee, I’m more and more happy I purchased the Ninja. I went looking for something that would make a quality brew, but also have a removable water reservoir for ease of use. This fits the bill and more.”

Brim Conical Burr Grinder (starting at $69.99;

This won’t make you coffee, but it will fulfill your need to have the right type of grind for every type of blend. If you consider yourself a budding barista, you’ll appreciate the laser-measured settings that are said to produce 90% precision. You can choose from 17 settings, including fine (ideal for Turkish mocha), espresso grind, drip (for filter coffee), regular (for a percolator) or coarse (for French press). For those who have yet to upgrade from their very first grinder, we say it’s about time.


Illy Y3.2 Espresso & Coffee Machine ($149;

If you’re on team single-serve espresso, consider this the right buy. For a reasonable price, you can have a jolt of energy lightning fast, just how you like it. Not only did Consumer Reports recently name it a top pod-style coffee maker, but we appreciate the retro-glam style, designed by Italian architect Piero Lissoni and available in red, black or blue. Add a pod, hit a button, and you’ll have a cup of coffee or espresso ASAP.

Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System ($199.99;

Some like it hot — and then they like it cold. With this double whammy from Ninja, you can have both, whenever you’d like. It brews using the company’s Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology that allows temperature changes on a dime. It’ll make iced tea in addition to iced coffee or cold brew, all in under 10 minutes, so those impatient multitaskers don’t work themselves into a frenzy. And for the days when only a piping hot cup of coffee will do, you can make a batch with a flip of the switch. Though it is a little pricey, for those who truly enjoy java in each form, it’s a smart investment that definitely saves on counter space.

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine ($563;

This sleek espresso machine from Breville has an integrated conical burr grinder that delivers the perfect amount of freshly ground coffee into the filter. There’s a simple dial that allows you to control the exact grind size you prefer. It also comes with digital temperature control and a milk texturing steam wand so you can create your very own latte art. But don’t take our word for it. Even though it’s pricey, reviewers say it’s well worth it, and they’ve given it a 4.5-star rating with over 2,300 reviews.

Brim 8-Cup Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker ($179.99;

Recently, pour-over style coffee has gone viral. While the process isn’t new, the design of these beautiful machines is elevated to a modern aesthetic. If you prefer artisan coffee and enjoy crafting a masterpiece in a cup, consider purchasing this find from Brim. It works with a water pump and shower head that allows the naturally-derived coffee oils to pass through the filter, producing a full-bodied, decadent taste.

De’Longhi Combination Pump Espresso/Drip Coffee Machine ($223.99;

Your partner can’t start the day without a latte. You don’t drink dairy, and prefer your coffee strong and black. You don’t need two machines — you only need this one. Though it takes a bit of practice to figure out how to use the espresso side, once you nail it once, it’s second nature, even when you’re half asleep. If you’re both in a hurry to make an early-morning meeting, it can make two drinks at once, so no one has to be late.

Saeco Incanto Automatic Espresso Machine ($899;

While it’s definitely the splurge of our research, this pick from Saeco is worth the investment for those with a serious appetite for quality beverages, especially if you entertain guests at home. It not only serves up a strong espresso (or Americano or latte) but is also a conversation starter with a sleek design. If you’re in a rush in the morning, you’ll appreciate the Quick Heat Boiler feature that whips up a cappuccino in a hot second (no pun intended). And for those who prefer to crunch their own beans, but dislike having a separate appliance to do so, the built-in grinder features five settings, from fine to coarse. Though it’s probably not the right choice if you’re a casual coffee drinker, true fans will be wowed.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.