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The top Republican in the House vowed Sunday that “action will be taken” after Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King’s recent comment about white supremacy and white nationalism.

“That language has no place in America,” California GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

He continued, “That is not the America I know, and it is most definitely not the party of Lincoln. I have a scheduled meeting with him on Monday, and I will tell you this: I’ve watched on the other side that they do not take action when their members say something like this. Action will be taken. I’m having a serious conversation with Congressman Steve King on his future and role in this Republican Party.”

King has faced criticism after he told The New York Times that he thought it was wrong white nationalism and white supremacy were considered offensive.

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization – how did that language become offensive?” King said.

He later said he is “simply a nationalist” and condemned “anyone that supports this evil and bigoted ideology” of white nationalism and white supremacy.

McCarthy did not say specifically what action would be taken, but stressed the point on Sunday.

“I will not stand back as a leader of this party, believing in this nation that all are created equal, that that stands or continues to stand and have any role with us,” McCarthy said.

On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz called King’s comments “stupid” and said “he needs to stop it.”

“What Steve King said was stupid. It was stupid. It was hurtful. It was wrong. And he needs to stop it,” Cruz said. “I think all of us ought to be united regardless of party in saying, white supremacism, white nationalism is hatred, it is bigotry, it is evil, it is wrong. And I think we need that clarity and I’m certainly going to urge everyone to provide that clarity.”

CNN’s Gregory Clary contributed to this report.

This story has been updated to reflect King’s position as an Iowa representative.