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The best hair dryers for every budget include products from Revlon, Remington, Conair, and Drybar.

Here's what to look for when you're shopping for hair dryers for fine hair, curly hair, travelers and more.

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There’s a lot more to hair dryers than simply drying hair. When purchasing a hair dryer, you should consider basic attributes, such as its weight, and whether you want features like a cold-air button or adjustable heat. If your hair takes a long time to dry, you’ll want a lighter hair dryer so your arm doesn’t get tired before your hair is dry. If you have fine hair, the lower heat settings may cause less damage to your hair.

There are also more technical aspects of hair dryers, like their wattage — high-wattage dryers are more powerful and will shorten the amount of time needed to dry your hair. Then there are other features, like whether it’s an ionic, ceramic or titanium dryer. Both ionic and ceramic dryers are ideal if you’re looking to eliminate frizz, while a titanium dryer will tend to be hotter. While this means it will dry your hair faster, it might not be the best option for damaged hair.

And of course, there’s price to consider. We’ve rounded up some of the top hair dryers available, with different features and attributes, and have separated them by price, so you can easily pick out the hair dryer that’s perfect for your hair and your wallet.

The best hair dryers under $25

Revlon 1875-Watt Compact and Lightweight Hair Dryer ($10.99;

This lightweight hair dryer is the least expensive on our list, but reviewers love how it delivers a lot of bang for your buck. One person writes, “I didn’t have much extra cash to spare, so I bought this thinking it would be good in a pinch. It’s AMAZING! It dries my hair just as quickly and effectively as my friends $100+ dryer. It’s a powerful little thing and I love it.” It’s a great option for travel and has a hanging ring for easy storage.

Remington Hair Dryer with Ionic + Ceramic Technology ($19.84;

This hair dryer combines ionic and ceramic technologies with 1875-watt power for fast drying action that also aims to keep your hair healthy. Its Advanced Coating Technology provides three times as much protection for your hair as the standard Remington dryer, according to the manufacturer. It has three heat and two speed settings and comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments.

Conair Infinitipro ($24.99;

This hair dryer from Conair is touted as being quiet and efficient, making for a great option if you’re pretty low-maintenance with your hair drying routine. Its 1875-watt motor dries hair up to 50% faster while protecting it from heat damage, according to Conair, and comes with a removable filter to prevent damage to the motor as a result of any lint buildup.

Revlon 1875-Watt Infrared Hair Dryer ($21.01;

This option from Revlon uses Infrared Heat Technology, which is meant to prevent overdrying and maintain the natural moisture of your hair. It also utilizes Tourmaline Ionic Technology, which helps to reduce frizz and keep your hair looking soft and shiny. There are two heat and two speed settings, in addition to a cool-shot button. Plus you’ll get three hair sectioning clips and concentrator and diffuser attachments.

Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer ($17.99;

If you’re looking for the perfect travel hair dryer, reviewers love this option from Conair. One person writes that “it is SO lightweight and easy to hold. It also folds for convenient storage… It is half the weight and size of our large hair dryer, but puts out about 80% of the power.” It has a velvet touch grip handle and a 5-foot power cord for ultimate comfort while you’re styling, making it a great option if you’re not so keen on bigger, bulkier hair dryers.

The best mid-range hair dryers

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer ($59.99;

If it seems like your hair takes forever to dry, the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is a modest investment that could end up saving you a ton of time. It’s a 2000-watt ceramic dryer that comes with a concentrator nozzle and is designed to be a powerful dryer that will dry your hair quickly. It has six heat and speed settings, in addition to a cool-shot button and removable filter. One reviewer writes that “if you’ve considered the purchase of a quality hair dryer that won’t totally break the budget, this is the one to try. Dries hair quickly, relatively quietly, and leaves your hair with less damage and noticeably shiny.”

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer ($53.99;

This tool from Revlon has been making a name for itself across the web as a way to achieve a perfect blowout look at home. While the brush head works to detangle and style your hair, the 1100-watt power provides the right amount of heat to dry it without damaging it. It’s way faster and easier than using a traditional hair dryer and round brush, and reviewers say it’s easy to get the hang of the intuitive design.

Jinri 1875-Watt Professional Salon Hair Dryer ($47.99;

This sleek hair dryer features a negative-ions function which neutralizes the positive charge of your hair, leaving it healthy, smooth and with less static. It uses infrared heat to dry your hair evenly and as a way to reduce damage. Reviewers love how sleek it looks and feels, one describing it as “the most sophisticated hair dryer I have ever owned… The noise level is phenomenal… This really saved me a lot of time and money which was the goal… No static cling, no breakage, no burnt hair smell.”

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer ($79.99;

If you have thick hair that takes ages to dry, this titanium dryer from BaBylissPRO may be the one for you. It has a 4.5-star rating with over 2,700 reviews on Amazon. People love how it can tackle even the thickest, most coarse hair quickly with its heavy-duty 2000-watt power – but that it’s still light and easy to use. One reviewer writes that “this dryer penetrates all of the hair and gets it done in a fraction of the old time. A huge benefit is I don’t get hot and sweaty either! I can’t say enough. I never knew a hair dryer could make such a difference. Oh! and my hair isn’t as frizzy either! Best beauty purchase I’ve ever made!”

Kipozi 1875W Hair Dryer ($45.06;

If you’re looking for a hair dryer that adds a little glam to your daily routine without the high price tag, this black and gold option from Kipozi could be just the thing for you. The hair dryer doesn’t just look high-quality – reviewers love how lightweight and efficient it is. Its cord is over 6 feet long, making for easy styling or moving around while you dry your hair. It comes in a luxurious gift box along with a concentrator and diffuser, making it ideal for all different hair types.

The best high-end, luxury hair dryers

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($399;

The hair dryer that got everyone talking about hair dryers, the Dyson Supersonic is definitely a beauty splurge. But if you’re someone that gets a lot of use out of your dryer, it could be a smart investment. It’s lightweight and balanced, and its unique shape makes it super easy to handle. The dryer will never get hot to the touch, thanks to its Heat Shield Technology, and all the attachments are magnetic, which makes them really easy to pop on and off. One of the biggest draws: It has a powerful motor, but Dyson says it produces an inaudible frequency. So drying your hair is faster, easier and quieter.

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer ($195;

Drybar was founded by hairstylist Alli Webb, who wanted to make the perfect blowout more accessible. And her line of bright, stylish hair products is part of that mission. This hair dryer features a powerful motor designed to achieve a fast and efficient blowout. Its use of NanoIonic technology maintains shine and moisture for healthy and hydrated-looking hair. Your purchase includes two nozzles to help you get that professional-looking blowout every time. One reviewer writes that “this is the best product I’ve ever purchased for my hair. I was amazed at how fast my hair dried with it! It honestly cut my dry time by more than half!”

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer ($295;

This hair dryer uses a patented EcoDrive motor, which the maker says will dry your hair in under 10 minutes and last up to 10 years. It uses 75% less energy than a conventional hair dryer. It weighs less than a pound, which makes it easy to use and easy on your arms, and utilizes negative ions to help keep your hair looking vibrant and shiny while drying it quickly.

GHD air Professional Performance Hair Dryer ($199;

If you’re looking for a hair dryer that will truly target shine and softness in your hair, this option from GHD uses advanced ionic technology to lock in moisture while it dries without the frizz. While similar dryers will use 1800 to 2000 watts for the same result, this dryer only uses 1600. One reviewer writes, “there is a noticeable difference in the time it takes to dry my hair, close to half the time would be accurate. I also noticed a difference in the softness right after my hair was dry, it felt and looked softer. The strong air flow is great for getting to the roots (I have thicker hair) and the dryer is the quietest of any hair dryer I’ve used.”

Featherweight Folding Compact Hair Dryer with Dual Voltage ($150;

If you’re looking for the perfect travel hair dryer and are fine with spending a little extra, reviewers say this lightweight option from T3 is the best available. Its folding handle design makes it compact and easy to pack. It’s designed using T3 Tourmaline SoftAire technology, which helps to eliminate static and frizz while retaining your hair’s natural moisture and shine, and features two speed options and three heat settings. When it comes to travel ease, it has a dual voltage feature (125/250 volts) and includes a travel tote for easy packing.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.