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Just 10 days after checking into rehab, Bam Margera has decided to leave treatment.

The former MTV “Jackass” star took to Instagram on Thursday to share a series of handwritten notes in which he explained why he left.

“In rehab I am bored 50 percent of the time so that’s when I figured out that when boredom sets in and alcohol is off limits that’s when I get creative as f***, an explosion of good ideas, exercise, skate, workout, yoga, hike, bike way more. Because I don’t sit stagnant.”

Margera also wrote that he had relapsed over the summer after being held at gunpoint.

When he entered treatment earlier this month, Magera shared the news on social media.

“Off to alcohol rehab for the 3rd time,” Magera wrote. “I am hoping the term 3rd time is a charm is true.”

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The former reality star was arrested last year in Los Angeles for driving under the influence and also spoke about his alcohol abuse in a People magazine article in 2016.

“I was s**tbag wasted every night, and eventually was like, ‘This has to stop.’ Once I woke up in my own puke and piss, I knew I had to cut it off,” Margera said.