North Dakota Rep. Kelly Armstrong: 'The time for political posturing is over'

The 116th Congress was sworn in on January 3. Since then, The Point newsletter has been conducting a series of interviews with some of its fresh new faces. Today, we are profiling Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a Republican from North Dakota.

Washington (CNN)North Dakota's Rep. Kelly Armstrong is the state's lone House member, a baseball coach and a freshman in the new Congress.

In an interview, Armstrong weighed in on what needs to happen next with the government shutdown, why four-wheel-drive is important on the campaign trail while crossing his very large home state, and his abiding love for a good ballpark dog. 
Lauren Dezenski: In five words, describe how you felt being sworn in.
Kelly Armstrong: Humbled, honored, love my family. 
    LD: What's your top priority in your first term?
    KA: My top priority is to give North Dakota a bold, conservative voice in Washington. What's good for North Dakota is good for the country. I'll work to grow jobs and expand opportunities for North Dakota farmers, ranchers and energy workers.
    LD: What do you think will happen with the government shutdown?
    KA: Speaker Pelosi needs to come to the table with a real offer of compromise on border security with the President and Senate Republicans. So far, they've only brought unrealistic proposals that won't reopen the government. The time for political posturing is over. Let's work together to secure the border and fund the government.
    LD: What was your biggest lesson from your campaign?
    KA: North Dakota is a big state, and being the only representative for the state, I spent many hours, days, and weeks on the road talking with and listening to voters where they live. The lesson is to have a reliable vehicle, preferably with four-wheel-drive to handle snow and ice, that you can put a lot of miles on.
    LD: Do you have a favorite pump-up song? What is it?
    KA: "Brave Man's Death" by J. Roddy Walston & The Business.
    LD: Tell me about your favorite food from your district.
      KA: Any hot dog at a baseball park across the state.
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