Lil Wayne's colorful get-up attracts attention during Monday night's halftime show in San Francisco.
CNN  — 

Forget the game. Let’s discuss Lil Wayne’s outfit during the College Football Playoff National Championship halftime show.

We might as well since everyone else seemed to be after the performance Monday night.

The Grammy-winning rapper popped up during the band Imagine Dragon’s rocking out, and it was quickly decided that Lil Wayne’s get-up was a li’l weird.

The multipatterned long coat, floppy hat, oversize sunglasses, shiny red pants, stripped scarf and over- the-knee boots drew some comparisons to both McDonald’s Hamburglar character and “E.T.”

Clearly people forgot this is a man who has a song titled “Colorful Clothes.”

If anyone cares, the Clemson Tigers took the national championship for a third time, defeating Alabama’s Crimson Tide 44-16.