Settle in with these weekend reads

(CNN)The journey to find individuality. Remembering a comedy legend. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here's what you might have missed during a busy news week.

Jadon and Anias McDonald captivated millions around the world when they underwent a 27-hour separation surgery in 2016. These twins, born joined at the head, once had to do everything together. Now 3 years old, they're navigating the world apart..
    It's been one year since women in entertainment joined forces to combat workplace sexual misconduct with the formation of Time's Up. Here's what the founders and actresses had to say about what's changed and what's to come.
    Comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried remembers when the late "Curb Your Enthusiasm" actor Bob Einstein was on his podcast in 2016 and continued to rag on him. Gottfried admits in a CNN Opinion piece he had never laughed so hard while being insulted so viciously.
    When Pixy Liao began studying photography in college, she wasn't quite sure what to photograph. Eventually, she turned her lens on herself, and her relationship with Moro, which soon led to a decade-long project of photographing bizarre and tender poses of each other.
    Warship movements are a regular feature of US Navy policy in the South China Sea, and Washington has been encouraging its allies to join in and ease its burden. So a new or expanded British base there would be a logical move and would surely be well received by Britain's No. 1 military ally.
    In the 80 years since Amelia Earhart was declared dead after going missing during her flight across the Pacific, airplane tracking has advanced dramatically. If Earhart flew today, her disappearance would have been much more unlikely.
      Rather than stand up for comic Hasan Minhaj's late-night program "Patriot Act," Netflix caved to Saudi Arabia, which objected to the content in an episode and demanded it be made unavailable in the country. Bill Carter writes that Netflix is clearly playing a bigger game.