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The Kor Water Fall Counter-Top Filtration System offers a stylish way to hydrate

With two glass carafes included, the design of this filtering system can't be beat

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Your daily water intake should be a priority no matter what time of year it is. However, if the amount of water you’ve been drinking has faltered a bit (given the holidays and the prevalence of hot apple cider and bubbly holiday beverages), we can totally relate. However, now that it’s 2019, we’re hopping back on the horse and making sure our H20 intake is what it should be.

To help get you started doing the same, we’re introducing the Kor Water Fall Counter-top Filtration System ($69; korwater.com). With this gorgeous water filtration contraption sitting on your countertop, you’ll be happily reminded to guzzle down more water daily.

Kor Water

What makes this water filter a step ahead of the rest? For starters, the design is so stunning that it makes drinking water a way more fun (and luxurious) experience. Unlike your usual plastic water-filtration pitchers, the Kor Water Counter-top Filtration System comes with a freestanding base and two beautiful glass carafes with caps. That way, you can have one full carafe chilling in the refrigerator as you work on filling up the other. This two-carafe system ensures you always have cold, filtered water ready to go and another carafe on the way.

Another thing to consider when choosing your water filter is obviously taste. The Kor Water Counter-top Filtration System consistently transforms ordinary tap water into pure, clean water. And considering that each filter can clean up to 80 gallons of water, you’ll get plenty of use from each filter.

This filtering system has been known to sell out, so don’t hesitate on pulling the trigger. Get yours today and up your water intake for a healthier, more hydrated you in 2019.

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