5 people who inspired us in 2018 -- and the impact they continue to have

(CNN)Throughout the year, CNN's Impact Your World brought you stories of average people who've found extraordinary ways to help others. Their backgrounds and circumstances were different. But their motives were the same: to do good and inspire others.

We went back to see how some of these determined people -- and the good works they started -- are doing.
From the suburban mother who started a movement helping Detroit's indigent to a 4-year-old boy in a superhero cape feeding Birmingham's homeless, the stories are still inspirational. Their projects are still going strong and their combined spirit of service continues to make an impact.

The man who mowed lawns for vets and the disabled in 50 states

    Rodney Smith Jr. is traveling across the country dressed as Santa Claus and spreading Christmas cheer to the homeless population.
    Last summer, Rodney Smith Jr. set out to voluntary mow 50 lawns in 50 states -- and help the elderly, the disabled, single moms and veterans along the way.
    When news of his foundation, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, spread through social media, donations poured in, giving Smith the opportunity to expand his mission.
    At the start of the holiday season, Smith decided to dress as Santa Claus and surprise homeless people with gifts in every new city he visited.
    "They can't believe Santa Claus is coming to them for Christmas," Smith told CNN from his most recent stop in Boston. "A lot of them out here are struggling. It's moving when you hear their stories. It touches me forever."
    Two homeless men open presents they received from Rodney Smith Jr.
    As part of his winter tour, Smith has been passing out blankets and backpacks stocked with supplies for the homeless. And he's performed a few Christmas miracles as he spread the cheer.