Finally check off that 'learn a new language' resolution with this BOGO sale

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As one year turns into the next, it's natural to take stock of how far you've come and look ahead to where you're going. And so we make New Year's resolutions, promise to stick to our guns and set about making some changes to our lives.

The problem is, most things worth doing in life take hard work and commitment. Learning a language is no different. But in an age of instant gratification and one-click shopping where we expect the world at our fingertips immediately, it can be hard to take the long view.

To square this circle, we keep returning to an old favorite of ours—Rosetta Stone. This venerable language learning program has nearly 30 years of experience under its belt, but Rosetta Stone is not resting on its laurels. With lessons built for the on-the-go, mobile-first crowd, featuring all the latest technology (both for your PC and smartphone), this company continues to innovate to deliver a fun and friendly language learning experience.

Continual updates, redesigns, research and refinements have kept them sharp in the internet age — its blog is worth a gander, really! And its immersion approach never grows old, even as newly added languages and apps keep things fresh. The company has also added purpose to their profits, too, as they work to preserve endangered languages.

From now through December 25, Rosetta Stone is also having a buy one, get one free sale. So if you or a loved one are finally ready to cross off that language from the ol' bucket list, check out the special holiday gift offer available now.

Three-month ($50.97, originally $158;, 12-month ($95.88, originally $358;, and 24-month subscriptions ($143.76, originally $498; gets you full access to one of 24 languages, and includes all software updates as new features are released. Plus, you can download lessons to a mobile device and continue learning offline.

So get out there and start the year off on the right foot—err, piede, voete, qadam, pódi, take your pick!