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As a dog owner, sometimes you can’t help wondering what your furry friend is up to while you’re out and about. So it comes as no surprise to us that at-home cameras designed to keep an eye on pets have boomed in popularity. With them, owners can interact and check up on their pups from practically anywhere, easing separation anxiety or guilt they may have from being away from Fido.

One camera that we’re fans of is the Furbo Dog Camera ($179, originally $249; This device is designed to be an interactive, smart solution for checking in on your dog.

What sets Furbo apart from the rest is the fact that the device is so much more than just a camera. Through the companion iOS or Android app, you can get a live view of your pupper, have a conversation with him or her, dish out treats and even snap photos.

A wide-angle 1080p high-definition camera lets you scan the whole room, and built-in night vision allows you to see your dog at night – although be warned, the eyes can look a little spooky! Furbo connects over Wi-Fi, and the stream quality can be customized, so your video is less likely to buffer or look low-quality.

It also features ample treat storage space in case you want to reward your pet. Underneath the camera, there is a small circular slot where the device can shoot out treats. A simple swipe on the app will send a treat flying after a sound is played from the unit. This sound can be a customized message prerecorded by the owner, which is sure to delight a lot of dogs (and owners).

And beyond just videotaping your pet and handing out treats, the Furbo will send you alerts based on your dog’s activity. For instance, if your dog jumps on furniture or begins barking, you’ll be sent an alert so you can check on what’s going on. The two-way chat allows owners to reprimand their pups if they’re up to no good or calm them down if they’re upset. In addition, owners can also get alerts if a person comes into view, whether it be your dog walker or a potential intruder.

With all these added features, it’s easy to see why thousands of customers have rated the device an impressive 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Furbo very well might be the cure for separation anxiety for dog owners. Currently, it’s marked down to 28% off its original price and is eligible for Prime free two-day shipping. We think this Presidents Day sale is a no-brainer for dog owners looking to have a little extra peace of mind when they leave their pets at home alone.

Be sure to act fast, as this Presidents Day sale wraps up once the holiday ends.

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